Over the past 5 years we have had the pleasure of working with over 1000+ entrepreneurs and one of the strongest indicators for success we have identified has always been traction. Traction, however, is not something that comes easily for any startup. We even built an entire conference around the subject. Launch Ventures actively looks to integrate strategic partners from various industries into our investment strategies in order to introduce large sets of users, customer data, and other assets that would otherwise be difficult for early stage companies to access.



Identifying optimized paths towards acquiring, retaining and monetizing users are integral to the success of our investments. We look to work with strategic partners and portfolio companies that can leverage common user bases, cross-sell between their respective user bases, and further commercialize through each other’s networks. Not only does this help expedite the path to traction, it de-risks our investments as we are able to strengthen our position in our portfolio companies as we help acquire new users and provide additional capital to help them scale and grow.



Emerging technology solutions such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Blockchain all require significant amounts of data in order to validate and optimize performance of their solutions. For most young companies, access to viable data for development is limited. However, our strategic partners have an abundance of data that currently sits relatively underutilized. Launch Ventures is the conduit between early stage startups with the ability to execute and strategic corporate partners that are actively looking to leverage and monetize their data and customer bases in new and innovative ways.